About Me


  • I am married to a lovely woman, Amy Thoma, now Amy Schreiner!!!  She is wonderful and she truly has a heart of gold and the LOVE of my life!! (married since Sept 21, 2002)
  • My wife and I have a wonderful son named, Elijah Luke Schreiner and a beautiful daughter named, Abigail Joy Schreiner.
  • I graduated from Northwest High School in Canal Fulton, Ohio (where I grew up).
  • I graduated from Kent State University in December of 1999 and I was a Elementary Education major for 2 years and then switch to Rhetoric in Communications (the study and theory of communications) with a minor in Computer Information Systems.  I graduated with a Bachelors in Fine and Professional Arts in Communications with a minor in Computer Information Systems.
  • I just graudated from Trinity International University in the Evangelical Divinity School with my Masters in Arts & Christian Studies. It has been a dream of mine to get my Masters from a seminary. I am truly grateful that God has allowed me to fulfill my dream and passion!
  • Also I am currently working full time for a church in Akron, Ohio called The Chapel. I am the Pastor of Outreach overseeing both Global and Local Outreach Ministries.  I had been serving for 10 years as the Internationals Ministry Director & Pastor, reaching out to internationals that come to the Akron area, and the Assistant/Youth Pastor for the Akron Chinese Church that meets at the larger church of The Chapel
  • My wife and I were part of a Christian drama/dance team called, the  LION Players.  Now, we oversee and on the board of an Christian arts academy called, Streaming Lion Arts Ministries (SLAM Academy).
  • I worked for 9 year for the ALIVE Christian Music Festival doing Graphic Design and other database computer work.  I continue my involvement with the ALIVE Festival by coordinating the prayer tent and baptism service at the festival.
  • I have taken Chinese language classes at the University of Akron and learned by being tutored by Chinese friends how to speak Chinese.  I don’t speak fluently, but enjoy to try to speak as well as sing worship songs in Chinese.
  • I love to work with computers (both mac and pc), water ski, play soccer, play Table Tennis/ping pong (always learning more from my Chinese friends), pickle ball, swim, work on my house, watch movies, and play my guitar (in leading worship for church)! These are just a couple of past times that I enjoy.
  • I also enjoy studying the Bible. To know and have the Word of God hidden in my heart is my desire!
  • My heart is infused with God’s heart in desiring all people to be in relationship with God through the grace of Salvation through Jesus Christ!


* I put together a personal mission statement for my life and ministry. Below is what I put together.  It is a work in progress…

—Personal Mission Statement—

My life statement/mission:

To be a man of integrity and compassion, modeling my life after Jesus Christ as His disciple.

Values/principles to accomplish my life mission: 

  • Being a man of my word by following through when I set forth to do something or say something.
  • Modeling Christ’s love to others by showing unconditional love and not being afraid to love when I may not be loved in return.
  • Sharing the Gospel through word and deed.  Letting my actions for others show that I love Jesus in obeying His command to love others (Mark 12:31).
  • Encouraging Christians to live as disciples of Jesus Christ by teaching the truths of the scriptures and commissioning believers to go and tell others.
  • Continuing to be teachable to learn more from God and open to instruction from others.
  • Staying connected to a body of believers so I may be built up as a man of God and refreshed emotionally, spiritually, and physically

My roles of priority in accomplishing my life mission:

  • As a husband I want to love passionately, lead courageously, hold up truth above all, and be willing to learn in every situation.
  • As a student I want to be open to instruction from my elders and commit myself to the study of truth.
  • As a minister or pastor I want to shine as an example of a man who loves and worships Christ alone, teaches others from a passion of the scriptures and encourages others to live like Jesus.
  • As a friend I want to love, be real in sharing my life with others that are close to me, and keep others accountable as they keep me accountable for my actions.
  • As a family member to show love and compassion to my family and exemplify Christ as I interact with my family in all that I do and say